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Meet Genevieve Gannon: She's an Australian journalist and author who has worked in newsrooms in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Her writing has appeared in The Age, The Australian, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, among others. Most recently she covered crime in Melbourne for Australian Associated Press before moving to Sydney to be a feature writer for The Australian Women’s Weekly. Now, we get to know her and hear about her novel The First Year.

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What I'm Reading: The Adulthood

I'm a fan of New Adult novels, and this one looks like it's going to be a fun read! New from Lori Goldson, the author of the four-star rated novel Irene in College: The Life & Times Series, book 1, comes the new-adult fiction novel The Adulthood: The Life & Times Series, book 2, the follow-up sequel to last year’s debut. Sounds like my holiday reading is pretty much handled, don't you think? 

With her degree in hand and college campus in her rear view mirror, 22-year-old Irene Jimenez is ready to grapple with her newest adversary, adulthood. With the help of a family friend, Irene quickly lands a job where she meets her new boss, the brilliant, charismatic, and virile Justin. Fear-stricken and paralyzed at the idea of being on her own for the first time in life, Justin’s guidance in the workplace leaves Irene intrigued to get better acquainted with her new boss, despite her current relationship situation with her live-in boyfriend, Artie. Justin notices Irene’s inquisition, and admits his curiosity about her as well, despite his own set of personal and professional obligations.

Enjoying her work and curious about her boss, Irene finds herself losing sight of the objective, and turns to her longtime friend, Michaela, who is entrenched in her own adulthood obstacles with her girlfriend, Ryan, including a domestic dispute that pushes Irene even closer to her boss in ways that leave her boyfriend, Artie, jealous. Irene and Michaela are equally trapped in wading the waters of adulthood as they try to balance their actual jobs with their romantic desires and fears contained. Irene finds herself struggling, however, with balancing work and pleasure with Justin as her boss, and is soon placed in a new work environment where an old adversary becomes a new supervisor, and is forced to confront old emotions that she thought were buried in the past.  


About the Author: Lori Goldson

My first novel came along during the wee hours of the night in 2011. I was laid off and laid up after a car accident, and figured it was time to bring my goal to light. Four years later, it is finally available to the masses. I took every frustration and disappointment that life had handed me thus far and created some truly relatable characters. Who wouldn't be able to connect to a lost college student? Aren't we all lost to some extent at that time? 

I'm a Jersey girl through and through who lives in Pennsylvania. I'm a Westonian, a Blue Hen, and a Hawk with a flair for the Spanish language. I've been bitten by the traveling bug on numerous occasions, and I won't be surprised if my first child is born in the middle of a yoga studio. Oh yeah, I have a husband now.

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Book Review: A Christmas Surprise by Samantha March

Juliette Mabry is a happily married stay-at-home wife and mother...until there appears to be trouble brewing in her nearly ten-year marriage. Juliette takes it upon herself to find out if her husband is up to no good, but does she want to know the truth? Everything is revealed on Christmas, and Juliette is in for her biggest Christmas surprise.

If you're looking for a sweet little short story with the feel of Christmas singing softly to you in the background, this is it! The Christmas Surprise is a perfect travel companion for your coast-to-coast journey over the holiday season that will leave you feeling nice and warm inside.


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About the Author

Samantha March is an author, editor, publisher, blogger, and all around book lover. She runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog ChickLitPlus, which keeps her bookshelf stocked with the latest reads and up to date on all things beauty, fashion, and fitness. In 2011 she launched her independent publishing company Marching Ink and has four published novels – Destined to Fail, The Green Ticket, A Questionable Friendship and Up To I Do. You can also find her on Youtube sharing beauty reviews and creating makeup tutorials. When she isn’t reading, writing, or vlogging, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs. Samantha lives in Iowa with her husband and Vizsla puppy.


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Five Questions with Claire Yezbak Fadden




I had the chance to interview Clair Yezbak Fadden, author of the new release A Corner of Her Heart. When she’s not playing with her granddaughter, this Pennsylvania native is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first. 

A Corner of Her Heart is her debut novel and I have links at the bottom of this post where you can find it AND a special announcement (ahem, GIVEAWAY) from the author herself. 

First, get to know Claire and hear about her about the rhyme and reason behind her writing. Enjoy! 

1. Where do you get the inspiration from for your writing? Like most writers, I draw my initial ideas from life happening all around – a news article in the paper might spark an idea for example. But when I sit down and begin putting words on paper, the characters tell me their story. I’m a pantser more than a plotter. I know where I want the story to go, but often my vision isn’t the same as my protagonist’s. I show up each day to find out what will happen next. Often, I will be writing a scene and things don’t come together the way I think they should in my mind. I revisit those pages in a day or so and usually discover: I had the wrong people in the scene and/or what I had the character doing/feeling wasn’t what he or she wanted.  Sometimes, I discover that a scene I thought was necessary, the characters didn’t need at all.

2. “A Corner of Her Heart” is your debut novel. What are the best 3 tips of advice you can give to any newbies out there who are getting started… words of wisdom you wish you knew? when you beganI’ve been fortunate to receive so much great advice from my writing friends.   My first tip would be to get yourself a writing friend or two – find a trusted a critique partner who has been where you are or is there right now.  Your spouse may love you, but no one understands the writing life like a fellow writer. It may take a few tries to find the right partner or writers’ group – just like it takes time to find Mr./Ms. Right. Joining a writers’ association --RWA, Sisters In Crime and others, is a great place to start. November is NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) – you might find some local, like-minded writers taking the challenge.

Second tip: I’ve finally embraced showing up every day and writing. (For years I denied this bit of genius, the same way I used to discount ‘eat less-lose weight’). You hear this tip from lots of accomplished authors because it is true. There are days when cleaning the dust bunnies under the bed is a more attractive option than writing even 100 words. I try to sit at my desk at approximately the same time each day and see what spills out.  Surprisingly, most of the time, the characters show up and lots happens.  Even if you just sit there looking at a blank screen, you’re training your brain to get to work. And that’s a good thing.

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, don’t be your own editor. I’m not referring to grammar, spelling, punctuation. I’m talking about letting the words appear on the page, letting the story out. Believe me, there will be tons of folks with their own opinion of what you should have done, could have done and need to change once you get your story finished.  Often these kind critics have competing opinions.  Stephen King said “write with the door open, edit with the door closed.” And he’s a man who would know.

3. In this book, we get to know Monica, one of 3 sisters. From what I've read it looks like we’ll also get to meet Julie and Kate, her other sisters, too. Are these characters based on anyone you know? I suspect most authors would confess that each of their characters has a little bit of themselves inside, sprinkled with bits and pieces from people they know or have observed.  The Begin Again series theme is abandonment, although each of these three sisters is abandoned in a different way. You can’t go through life without some sort of disappointment whether it’s being abandoned, losing a career or some other life-changing crisis.  My series reveals women who overcome deep pain, embrace their lives and move forward to a better place. These are stories to fuel the strong woman inside each of us. My mother symbolized that spirit better than anyone I know.  Perhaps there is a piece of her never-quit soul inside Monica, Julie and Kate.  I know her mantra lives on in me.

4. Writers have a “process” - some like Scrivener, others use MSWord. Some need music, others need silence. Tell us what it looks like when you sit down and wake the muse for writing. My process is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and I only have about 100 pieces so far. Every day, month or year, another piece drops in my lap or is uncovered. So far, what seems to work (in addition to bum glue) is having a dedicated space where I can leave my notes, research and bits of paper splayed across my desk. The next day everything is waiting for me, seamlessly allowing me pick up the story where I left off.  I mentioned earlier that writing every day at the same time is immensely helpful.  When you’re a writer, other folks don’t seem to understand that this is work. I write early in the day, so I’m able to accomplish a lot before other life demands of seep under my office door. Another reason I write early in the day is the quietness. Peacefulness, before the trash trucks start clanging, works better for my mind.

5. What flavour margarita do you like? This might be my favorite question. I’m a purist. Give me a Cadillac margarita on the rocks – no salt and I’m your friend for life.  No fruity flavors.  Same with my tea, no raspberry stuff – black tea, neat.

PS: To celebrate the release of A CORNER OF HER HEART, Claire is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!

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Enter here for your chance to win! Good luck!


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