The timing is perfect when Abby George is asked by her sister to help with some family business in the Caribbean. However, once she arrives on the island of St. Kitts, she discovers there’s more to the request than she could have ever imagined. What Abby finds will not only change her life but the course of her family’s forever. 

Between family secrets, and two men vying for her attention,  Abby is in demand. Bad boy J.D. wants to corrupt her, while clean-cut Andrew wants to win her heart.

With nothing but her suitcases and a sense of humor, Abby finds herself traveling down an unfamiliar road, and it's all she can do to hang on for the ride. Will she find love or wake up one morning with rum punch regrets?

“Well written and eventful. I loved the dynamic relationships the characters had with one another. The ending is unexpected and I can't wait to read more.” - Amazon reviewer