Abby George has assumed her new role as owner/manager of La Cantina, her family’s bed and breakfast. The first item up for business: Keep a nervous bride and her wedding party happy while the island braces for a rogue hurricane.

Turns out Hurricane Olive isn’t the only storm with its sights set on St. Kitts: Hurricane Carla is on her way as well and she isn’t a storm one can ever properly prepare for. Her father’s former mistress, and the mother to her newly ­discovered half-­brother, Carla shows up unexpectedly under the guise of checking on her son, but clearly needing more. To make things worse, Abby and her boyfriend Andrew are at odds, while the ever ­charming J.D. Rhys, heir to the Rhys Hotel chain, waits not­-so-­patiently in the wings for his chance to win her heart. Can Abby strengthen her bond with Andrew or will the pull from bad­ boy J.D. prove too much for her to resist?

When Abby accidentally unearths another piece of the puzzle from her father’s past and a hint of treasures long ­ago lost but not forgotten, she and Ben turn to Maria, Ziggy and Cutty demanding answers. Will these pieces finally help her to make sense of the man she thought she knew as Dad or will it drive a wedge further between her and her history? When one of their own is left fighting for their life, Abby and her island family are left to figure out who would want to hurt them... and why?